Presentation by Professor Jon slate at July 2023 population Genomics workshop

NEOF is running an in person eDNA wetlab and bioinformatics workshop in July.

Register your interest before Monday 3rd June (link)

Generating DNA sequence barcodes from mixed sources of DNA is an increasingly-used and efficient way to survey biodiversity, whether monitoring aquatic species by sampling water-derived DNA, characterising communities from soil samples, or analysing diet from faecal-derived DNA. This course provides an overview of metabarcoding with different barcoding genes to target particular taxa, and consists of a technical wet lab component and a bioinformatics component. Interested delegates may apply to attend either or both workshops.
During the wet lab programme in the first half of the week, we will give an overview of experimental design, head outside for a field sampling demonstration and return to the laboratory for a full course on the metabarcoding process. The laboratory techniques will include DNA extraction, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), gel electrophoresis, magnetic bead cleaning and quantification. Finally, we will outline the different platforms that are typically used for sequencing.
In the bioinformatics component in the second half of the week, we will use an example data set to go from raw sequence data through to assigning taxonomy to identified sequence variants. We will then conduct typical downstream analyses to quantify and examine differences in diversity.
Each component can be booked separately for £50, or £100 for both components.