Transforming our ability to understand and manage our environment.

NERC funds a diverse range of Scientific Support and Facilities, ensuring researchers have the tools they need to deliver world leading environmental science. Alongside the other Facilities, NEOF contributes to the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development through over £8 billion in research and Innovation.

The contribution of these services & facilities to the Global Goals shows their importance to the environment and wider society.

See here for all of UKRI Facilities’ contribution towards the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development (PDF).

See here for the UKRI Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

Photo credit: Brunner et al 

SARS-CoV2 surveillance

NEOF as national capability supported environmental monitoring of SARS-CoV2 by developing novel methods for surveillance from wastewater and in wildlife reservoirs.

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Bespoke training of environmental public bodies

The NEOF team have trained Natural England staff on how to perform and interpret environmental DNA (eDNA) research