To help scientists working within the NERC remit to take advantage of NEOF omics capability, NERC is providing funding for small pilot/development projects that wish to access the latest genome sequencing technologies (Pacific BioSciences, Illumina and 10X Genomics).

This call is specifically for early career researchers (ECR) within NERC’s remit; NEOF define an ECR as either a non-independent Postdoctoral Researcher (e.g. a PDRA) or an independent Postdoctoral Researcher (e.g. a research fellow) or an individual with a technician background.

Applicants should consult the NEOF capability page and the Centre for Genomic Research (which hosts the genomic capability of NEOF) for a fuller description of the capabilities and technologies available. Enquiries and project discussion can be made through our enquiries page.